27.03.2014, 4 pm


„Kaffeeklatsch with President Greg Tully“

and visiting wonderful German baroque castle with fine Italian restaurant


Greg Tully (MSW, PHD Professor University of Philadelphia), current president of IASWG is going to visit the European Chapter! We will meet during a typical German „Kaffeeklatsch“: delicious cakes, a fine cup of coffee and a lot of topics to chat about!


Mr. Tully will talk about the history of the organization and social work with groups. Afterwards we want to discuss current issues with members and intersted guests.

Later we want to have a walk through spring atmosphere and visit „Schloss Rheydt“, a pittoresque baroque water castle and have dinner together.


We meet at AIDS-HILFE e.V., August-Pieper-Straße 1, 41061 Mönchengladbach, 4 pm.

We will have dinner at the Italian restaurant PURINO in the castle, Schloßstraße 508, 41238 Mönchengladbach, 6.30 pm.


We invite all members of IASWG to join and we would be very lucky to welcome new guests, who are interested in our work.

Current Issues/Aktuelles

Four times a year our members introduce themselves.
Hello from Mark Doel, a groupworker based in Sheffield, England.

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