„Kaffeeklatsch with President Greg Tully“ and visiting wonderful German baroque castle with fine Italian restaurant

Greg Tully (MSW, PHD Professor University of Philadelphia), current president of IASWG visited the European Chapter on Thursday 27th of March! We met during a typical German „Kaffeeklatsch“: delicious cakes, a fine cup of coffee and a lot of topics chatted about!

Mr. Tully talked about the history of the organization and social work with groups. Afterwards we discussed current issues with members and intersted guests. A group of approximately 20 practitioners and current attendies of the Groupwork Training Tanja und Sonia are leading for FBS Mönchengladbach were thrilled by listening to Dr. Tully’s afternoon session. Greg involved and fascinated everybody with his usual aplomb.

Dinner at Schloss Rheydt perfected a day of professionell fun.

Current Issues/Aktuelles

Four times a year our members introduce themselves.
Hello from Mark Doel, a groupworker based in Sheffield, England.

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